MedCline Positional Therapy Wedge


Review by:

Darius Zoroufy, M.D.

December 16, 2018


There are many reasons people may benefit from sleeping with their head and upper body elevated.  Acid reflux, snoring, and nasal congestion can improve when sleeping in a semirecumbent position.  Adjustable beds can be expensive and require a specialized bedframe.  Regular foam bed wedges are inexpensive but sleeping on one does not easily allow a person to sleep on their side.  Side sleeping can help with acid reflux and comfort. 

MedCline is a bed wedge that is different that a standard bed wedge.  It is a comfortable memory foam wedge that has a flat top at the head and a comfortably angled torso portion.  What makes MedCline unique is the “arm pocket” that allows the user to tuck their arm taking the pressure off the shoulder.  Since shoulder discomfort is one of the reasons side sleeping is uncomfortable, this “arm pocket” is a great feature. 

When I used MedCline I found it easy to use.  There is no assembly instructions and installation is just a matter of putting it on the bed.  It is 30 inches wide so it takes up half of a queen size bed providing enough room to roll from one side to back to the other side.  It comes with a body pillow that supports side sleep. 

MedCline reports that 95% of people using MedCline report better sleep and 93% report reduced nighttime heartburn when using MedCline.  A published study showed that the MedCline positional therapy device is effective reduction of heartburn

When I tried my MedCline I found it to be as comfortable in all positions.  

Although MedCline does not show specific data on their website, their positional therapy device may help to reduce snoring in some people.  I often recommend MedCline for those who would benefit from a bed wedge.